Kuwaiti Oil Fires

“Kuwaiti Oil Fires” 48″ x 20″ oil on stretched silk, 1991 was one of the last paintings I ever painted in oil. Soon after, I gave up oil painting in favor of acrylic.

I served on active duty in the United States Army. I deployed for Desert Shield. I participated in the ground war during Desert Storm. I will never forget the sight of the fires on the horizon, during the night, as we convoyed through a minefield during the start of the ground war, at the end of February, 1991. The terrible destruction, the ferocity of it, even at a distance – there’s no forgetting it. This painting hangs in my home, a part of my permanent collection, a reminder of what human beings make themselves capable of, and at what terrible cost it comes.

If we measure the worth of art by the weight of it’s meaning to the artist who creates it, this is one of my most precious works. It is certainly one that is heavy with the weight of its meaning to me, personally. I stretched the canvas for it myself, with the help of my partner-at-the-time. I used silk, in order to stretch it very tight, and for the exceedingly fine grain of the fabric. I prepared the canvas myself. I made use of unusual pigments, caput mortuum, asphaltic emulsion, and others now lost not only from the sales catalog, but also from my recollection. I painted it hoping, somehow, to communicate a moment, and an experience, to share the unshareable. It is a favorite piece with visitors to my home, and it struck me strangely, this morning, that I hadn’t written about it.

It’s very different than more recent work. It remains quite dear to me, and a painful reminder that there are no “do-overs” for some of the choices we make.




Black Light Art Gallery! Tonight

It’s time. It’s really here. I’ll be with the Geodesic Art Collective at the Black Light Art Gallery! tonight. 🙂

Facebook - Google Chrome 2018-06-29 05.14.44.png

I’ll be presenting both new and old work, including the entire “Frenzy” collection, available for sale.


Selected work, ready to load in the car

My “Frenzy” collection (three series, each of 13 images), hidden in the brown envelopes, has an interesting back story… I will have to tell it to you one day soon. It involves solitude, inspiration, loneliness, altered states, and a whole lot of running out of canvas, paint, and finally… paper. A peculiarly intense several days of continuous painting, locked in my own head until the paint ran out, about which I may already have said enough. lol 🙂

Frenzy VIII.jpg

5″ by 7″ acrylic on paper w/UV pigment, “Frenzy VIII”, from a series of 13 individual works.

Blacklight Art Show! at The Geodesic Art Collective

I’ve been invited to participate in an exciting local art show. Only days away, and my consciousness is filled with choices – what will I choose to hang? It’s an exciting “problem” to have. 😀 It’s a great space for the purpose, too, and having attended a recent event there, I’m eager to sit down and make some great selections, and see them hang alongside the work of other artists interested in blacklight, glow-in-the-dark, and color.

It’s thinking this over that has me smiling today, and awkwardly aware of how much of my work is UV reactive, or full of glow, and how little is photographed to reveal it. I suppose doing something about that would be helpful… 😉


Untitled, 11″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas w/glow 2017


My recent burst of inspiration resulted in some fun work in glow, mostly pretty light-hearted. It was a gray rainy day, too, and the filtered light and overcast skies resulted in creating some sunshine on canvas.


“Irises” 8″ x 10″ acrylic on canvas w/glow

This one results in a bright “moonlight” silhouette when charged.


“Irises” charged and glowing.

Spring flowers haven’t bloomed in the garden quite yet, but they bloom in my studio. 🙂

The Return of Inspiration

I haven’t been as artistically productive this year as I had hoped to be, but when inspiration struck I was ready, and that made quite a lot of difference for artistic ease and general quality of life. I’m glad you stuck around! There’s more to come…


Notes and Note Cards

For some months, I’ve been feeling a bit ‘stalled’ artistically. In part, the time consumed by my ‘day job’ simply didn’t leave much for artistic work, in time, or energy. I managed to comfortably occupy myself creatively with simple pen & ink note cards, which I get considerable joy out of creating, and even more using them as my own stationary, to communicate with friends, family, and loved ones far away.

Art doesn't have to be serious, complicated, or big. :-)

Art doesn’t have to be serious, complicated, or big. 🙂

I spent time sketching other, bigger, projects and made a point of making notes about ideas for other pieces.

My sketchbook is full.

My sketchbook is full.

Life has been comfortably good, with the usual ups and downs a human being can expect over time, and that’s been enough for contentment, generally, but hasn’t tended to motivate me artistically. I’ve had resources, space, inspiration – and now and then, even the time to work – something has been missing, and even now I am not sure what that missing element was.

On a Friday in May – Friday the 13th, actually – I woke up to a terrible morning. In the process of turning the day around, I ended up in the studio, and actually painting… I haven’t stopped. Whatever was missing has been found. 🙂  I’ll be posting images and details of the new work over the next several days, before heading to the trees for additional inspiration.

Potentially Anything

"Potentially Anything" 11" x 14" acrylic on canvas w/pen&ink  and glow 2015

“Potentially Anything” 11″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas w/pen&ink and glow 2015

Painted on a rainy late summer morning, feeling inspired by love, and life; I started this piece thinking about lush green forests, and new life, and finished it thinking about space travel, and contemplating the future of humankind, and how vast our potential is, viewed from the perspective of how much we do not yet know. It is a piece I find myself hoping communicates some sense of how each moment is potentially the seed of some future greatness, and how precious our uncertainty is on our path of discovery. The basic image is of a gravid woman surrounded by whirling motes of dust, imagination, atomic particles, or… really…anything.