The Return of Inspiration

I haven’t been as artistically productive this year as I had hoped to be, but when inspiration struck I was ready, and that made quite a lot of difference for artistic ease and general quality of life. I’m glad you stuck around! There’s more to come…



Notes and Note Cards

For some months, I’ve been feeling a bit ‘stalled’ artistically. In part, the time consumed by my ‘day job’ simply didn’t leave much for artistic work, in time, or energy. I managed to comfortably occupy myself creatively with simple pen & ink note cards, which I get considerable joy out of creating, and even more using them as my own stationary, to communicate with friends, family, and loved ones far away.

Art doesn't have to be serious, complicated, or big. :-)

Art doesn’t have to be serious, complicated, or big. 🙂

I spent time sketching other, bigger, projects and made a point of making notes about ideas for other pieces.

My sketchbook is full.

My sketchbook is full.

Life has been comfortably good, with the usual ups and downs a human being can expect over time, and that’s been enough for contentment, generally, but hasn’t tended to motivate me artistically. I’ve had resources, space, inspiration – and now and then, even the time to work – something has been missing, and even now I am not sure what that missing element was.

On a Friday in May – Friday the 13th, actually – I woke up to a terrible morning. In the process of turning the day around, I ended up in the studio, and actually painting… I haven’t stopped. Whatever was missing has been found. 🙂  I’ll be posting images and details of the new work over the next several days, before heading to the trees for additional inspiration.

Art and The Artist

In the 21st century, having an internet presence, a place on the web to ‘call home’, is nearly as important for a working artist as having studio space in which to create, or so it seems to me. It took me a while to get to this understanding, this ‘place’. Moving my page from one corner of the web to another seems vastly more complicated than it probably is in fact; I am an artist of another sort, and web design is a tad out of my area…but here I am. This is me. This is now.

Time, inspiration, some notes, and a cup of coffee.

Time, inspiration, some notes, and a cup of coffee.

Over upcoming days and weeks, I’ll be moving into this space, not unlike moving across town to a new apartment. Archived images of older work will be uploaded, as will fresh images of work still wet, so new it doesn’t look like what it will look like once it is dry…once it is truly completed; you complete that process, by seeing the work, and bringing your own experience and understanding to it, yourself. As with any construction project, there’s much to be done, deadlines to meet, tasks that must be completed in a sensible order, and no doubt some housekeeping and tidying up, once it all seems finished. Please be patient with the work in progress, mind your feet, watch your head, and stay clear of falling objects.

Welcome to my new home!